My name is Cierra McNickles
and I take passion in what I do

Who I am can be summed up into one word: transparent. From my personality to professional practices, my life is grounded in being honest, upfront, and considerate of the people and community I serve. I am a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and you're here because someone you know (or heard of) has vouched for me. Word of mouth is the foundation of my success and the #KeysByCeez brand has a satisfaction guarantee attached. That being said, I am not your typical "salesperson" because I choose not to sell my clients. I am always working in YOUR best interest. I pride myself on speaking the truth even when it's uncomfortable. Therefore, you can trust that I will do my absolute best to assess your needs and ensure they are met along our journey. Working with me is not a one-time transaction and I am 100% committed to being your go-to automotive resource from here on out. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve.

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